मुड़ो प्रकृति की ओर पर निबंध | Essay on Turn Towards Nature

Essay on Turn Towards Nature

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Essay on Turn Towards Nature

Natural beauty: Nature has been a companion of living beings by nature. Human beings have been wishing to attain long life by getting pure, sativak and balanced contact with nature. Progress is divine, beauty is the supernatural, wonderful, infinite, infinite and wonderful art of creation. Nature’s beauty is indescribable.

Essay on Turn Towards Nature |  Mudo Prakriti ki aur Par Nibandh
Essay on Turn Towards Nature | Mudo Prakriti ki aur Par Nibandh

Cars from the appearance of the mountains, their own decorated peaks, the rivers flowing from time to time, the springs of Jhar Jhar Jhar, the trees laden with fruits and flowers Suman of Indian Bharati, the vast greenery, the birds of Indian Bharati flying in the sky, the golden outward scattered in the sky at sunrise The redness of the setting sun at sunset, the stars shining in the night, the moonlight night, who does not love. How joyful are the tweets of birds flying at the time of child awakening in Prabhat Bela, the dew drops shining like mukta on a green cob, the cool soft scented breeze and the human mere equipment being used for work.

Usha rose like golden arrows, Jai Lakshmi.

man on nature

Ever since man got the power of science and started shunning progress and started exploiting it, since then he was deprived of natural pleasures. Due to his arrogance, arrogance and pride, he began to think of everyone as omnipotent and started imagining the victory of Shri over the elements of progress. Ever since he left the zenith of progress and joined science, he started digging the abyss of his destruction. He made many inventions to realize the victory over nature and understood that he had controlled nature.


Man has forgotten that the square vision of progress visible to the face can lead to apocalypse. Today, the way environmental pollution and natural imbalance is going on all around, diseases are increasing, the only reason for this is tampering with human nature. Due to indiscriminate deforestation, mountain landslides, landslides, floods, unseasonal rains and environmental pollution are increasing, due to which people living in cities are suffocating. Due to industrial progress and getting away from nature, there has also been a lack of pure air to breathe.

our duty

Today the need is that human should turn towards the perfect nature, re-establish society with progress and respect him as his companion. All the countries of the world have started their fascination in its fairy tale. Today, efforts are being made all over the world to avoid pollution and protect the environment. Celebrating Environment Day all over the world on 15th June is a testimony to the fact that now humans have accepted the importance of nature and make every effort to protect it. Forced to think seriously.

It has come to the understanding of all the countries of the world that the progress on which they had campaigned to conquer was their mistake. But they have to rectify that mistake and now turn towards progress.

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