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Stock Market Today Live : The market will start this week with an edge, which factors will make investors’ sentiment positive?

Stock Market Today Live
Stock Market Today Live

Stock Market Today Live : After trading under pressure last week, the Indian stock market can start this week with an edge. If investors go towards buying from the positive signals from the global market, then the Sensex will again cross the 53 thousand mark today.

The Indian stock market can start this week with an edge after trading under constant pressure last week. Experts believe that due to the signs of growth from the global markets the mood of investors can remain positive Today.

Stock Market Today Live : Sensex closed 111 points down at 52,908 in the last trading session of last week while Nifty closed at 15,752 with a loss of 28 points. Experts say that the market is in the mood to move towards a bullish trend today, leaving behind the decline of the previous week. If investors insist on buying, then today the Sensex can again go beyond the figure of 53 thousand.

How was the market in America & Europe

All the major stock market of America are returning brightly. The US Federal Reserve may increase interest rates again this week amid fears of recession & double pressure of inflation. Earlier, buying was seen in the market & there was an increase in the last trading session on the major stock exchange NASDAQ. The exchange had closed at a gain of 0.90 per cent.

On the lines of America European markets also saw an increase in the previous session & most of the major European stock market closed on the green mark. Germany’s stock exchange closed with a gain of 0.23 percent, while the French stock market showed a jump of 0.14 percent during the previous session. However London’s stock exchange closed at a loss of 0.01 percent.

condition of asian markets

Seeing the boom in Europe and America, most of Asia’s markets opened on the gains this morning and are trading on the green mark. The Singapore Stock Exchange is seeing a rise of 0.01 percent this morning, while the Nikkei Stock Exchange of Japan is up 0.33 percent. Taiwan’s stock market is also showing a jump of 0.31 percent, but a decline of 0.45 percent is seen on South Korea’s Cospi Exchange.

Bumper withdrawal of foreign investors

Foreign investors have completely turned their backs on the Indian stock markets. In the last trading session too, foreign institutional investors pulled out money from the Indian markets by selling shares worth Rs 2,324.74 crore. Foreign investors had withdrawn 56 thousand crore rupees from the Indian markets in June as well. However, in the last session, domestic institutional investors put Rs 1,310.71 in the stock markets due to which the big fall could be stopped.

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