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How to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan 2022

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In today’s article, I am going to give you information about how to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan. Today HDFC has made its ownership in the private bank. It has made itself a monopoly business in the world of banking. Today I am going to give all the information related to HDFC Bank Personal Loan in this article.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan
HDFC Bank Personal Loan

With this you will also be told how to see Personal Loan hdfc Status. You can track your own personal loan through Personal Loan Tracker HDFC. HDFC gives you many facilities. That’s why its customers are very happy with it.

In today’s article, you will be given information about HDFC Bank. So far, HDFC is making itself at the forefront of private banks. You get HDFC personal loan rates and very good as compared to banks. In this you will be given answers to all the questions related to HDFC Bank Personal Loan. Many people have difficulty in extracting HDFC Bank Loan Statement. You may even have to pay some money for this.

I have told you the names of many personal loan bank list. If you want to take loan through them. So you read this article of mine completely.

As soon as we leave our house, our companion is only money. If you don’t have money, you probably can’t do anything. Money controls every activity in our life. Similarly, we take loans to meet our needs.

But today there are so many banks, who are good and who are not, only you can identify it by the interest rate of that bank. Today I will tell you about HDFC Bank Personal Loan. Friends this is the best bank in private bank. And also gives you good interest.

Today we will tell you everything about HDFC Bank. In today’s article, how to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan, how much interest is charged, and in how much time the loan is available. will learn about

How to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan?

Friends HDFC Bank gives you loan both online and offline. Just you fulfill their eligibility criteria. It takes you almost the same amount of time both ways. Let us know how you can take HDFC Bank Personal Loan online and offline.

How to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan online?

  • Friends, for this you have to first go to This is the official website of HDFC Bank.
  • After this you first get the option of Personal Loan. Click on it and fill the application form.
  • If you have an account with HDFC Bank then you can login by giving your mobile number. Otherwise you have to fill the complete form.
  • In the application form, you are asked about your name, mobile number, address, residence type, employment details, income details and your salary account.
  • If your salary is coming in HDFC Bank then you get the loan quickly. In this you do not need to fill any application form.
  • After this you will know within 5 minutes. How Much Personal Loan Are You Eligible For?
  • After some time the agent of HDFC Bank calls you and tells the whole process online.
  • After that you have to upload your documents. So that you can get loan quickly.
  • However, even after this, it takes you about 24 hours.

How to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan offline?

  • For this you have to go to your nearest HDFC Bank branch.
  • There you meet the loan agent and give all the details about yourself.
  • If you do a job, then tell about your employment details like Company Name, Monthly Salary and Salary Account.
  • After this, the bank executive also tells you about the entire loan process and rate of interest.
  • If you have documents then give them otherwise you can ask for time.
  • You can do Negotiation in the interest of the loan. For example, if the bank says 11%, then you can get it done up to 10.75%. My own experience in this has been very good.
  • After this your document verification takes place. The bank executive does physical verification at your home. And after this the loan is disbursed to you with the approval of the credit manager.
  • Banks take at least 2 days to do all these works.

What are the documents involved in HDFC Bank Personal Loan?

  • Aadhar card
  • pan card
  • Salary slip of last 3 months
  • Bank statement of last 6 months
  • Form 16
  • Service Certificate (For Army)
  • Rent agreement ( electricity bill , water bill , gasoline bill , landline bill )
HDFC Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria
  • You must be 23 years old.
  • Do you do government or private job.
  • The tenure of the job should be at least 6 months.
  • Your salary should come in the bank. It is not necessary that they should come in HDFC Bank only.
  • You should not have any EMI bounce in the last 6 months.
  • CIBIL score should be 700+.
  • Your minimum salary should be 30 thousand. If the salary is less than this then your salary should come in HDFC Bank.
  • You should have all the documents mentioned above.
Personal Loan Interest Rate HDFC
  • The minimum interest is 10.25% and maximum 15% is charged.
  • Any bank gives interest rate on your profile. If you work in CAT A and B company. So HDFC gives you loan at low interest.
  • I have told in the table below that how much interest you get on how many loans.
Loan Amount Interest Rate
10 lakh and above 10.25 to 10.49% per annum
5 lakh to 9 lakh 10.50 to 10.99 % per annum
Up to 5 lakh 11.25 to 13.25 % per annum
How to save Personal Loan Interest Rate HDFC?

After 1 year of taking loan in HDFC Bank, you can make a part payment of 25% of the remaining loan. On this you have to pay 4% on your deposited amount. Personal Loan Calculator can provide you a lot of help in taking HDFC loan. Apart from this, you can easily calculate your loan details like interest, loan amount and EMI with Personal Loan EMI Calculator.

You can calculate your loan amount, interest, EMI for all periods with HDFC Bank Personal Loan Calculator.

Bank gives you the facility of Part Payment. If you have more money than you have, then you can put it in your loan. Let us understand it by example.

For example –

Suppose after paying EMI for 1 year, you are left with a loan of 1 lakh. So

25% of 1 lakh = Rs.25000

4% of 25000 = 1000

This means you can give 26000 rupees in a single bank. And you can do it 2 times in your entire loan tenure.

You try to make more part payment so that you can do your principal amount. When the principal amount is less then the interest on it will also be less.

What is the HDFC Bank Personal Loan Preclosure Charges?

After 1 year, you can foreclose the loan by paying 4% on the remaining loan.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Contact Number
State HDFC Customer Care
Indore 073161606161
Lucknow 052261606161
Cochin 048461606161
Chandigarh 017261606161
Jaipur 014161606161
Bangalore 08061606161
Ahmedabad 07961606161
Chennai 04461606161
Hyderabad 04061606161
Kolkata 03361606161


Frequently Asked Questions –

Q – How much can I get HDFC personal loan?

Ans – You can pay EMI 50% of your salary. Accordingly, you are given a loan. HDFC gives multiples according to the salary of its customers. If your company falls in category A. So you have more chances of getting loan. If you have never defaulted on any loan and have a good CIBIL score. So you get more loan.

Q – How to take loan from HDFC?

Ans – It is very easy to take loan from HDFC Bank. You get a loan through some of your documents.

If you want to take HDFC Bank Personal Loan. So you need to be Salaried. Apart from this, your salary should come in the bank.

PF and ESI should be deducted in your salary. This gives proof of your salary.

You also have to give your address proof to the bank. You cannot get HDFC Bank Personal Loan if you stay in a hostel on rent.

If your salary comes in HDFC Bank. So you have more chances of getting HDFC Preapproved Loan too.

Q – What to do to take loan from HDFC Bank?

Ans – You can also apply for this loan online. First of all you have to login with netbanking by going to HDFC app. After that you click on the section of Personal Loan. After this, this app asks you whether you are a customer of HDFC. So you have to click on Yes.

After this you have to select your loan amount. Now you get a call from the bank in a few hours. And you get the loan.

If your loan is preapproved. So you get Instant Personal Loan transferred to your bank account. If you are facing problem in taking hdfc personal loan online. So you can apply for a personal loan by visiting your nearest HDFC Bank branch.

Conclusion –

Generally private banks always give better service than government banks. But still people take loan from government banks to save Personal Loan Interest Rate HDFC. But you can take HDFC Bank Personal Loan in low interest.

You must know about the facility of part payment while taking a loan. HDFC Bank has less negativity in the loan market. Most of the people praise this bank only. Whether you are Self Employed or Salaried HDFC Bank gives loan to both.

I have got many people’s personal loan loan from hdfc status bank. And they call me again to take loan. You must apply for HDFC Bank personal loan in private bank before NBFC.

Friends, I hope you liked this article today. If you like it then do share it with your friends. And share it on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you do not understand any information then you can comment me below.

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