Elon Musk offers billion-user vision but few details to Twitter staff

Elon Musk offers billion-user vision but few details to Twitter staff

Elon Musk offers billion-user vision but few details to Twitter staff
Elon Musk offers billion-user vision but few details to Twitter staff

Tesla chief Elon Musk pitched a vision on Thursday to the Twitter team of workers of a one-billion-consumer platform. However, the world’s richest man become hazy on capability layoffs, loose speech limits and what’s subsequent in his chaotic buyout bid.

Elon Musk talked of letting humans say quite an awful lot something they need on Twitter while on the equal time preserving it a friendly place that users revel in journeying. Musk said he desires to have “at the least a thousand million humans on Twitter” in what could be huge boom for a platform that has about 229 million now.

Elon Musk told Twitter personnel he favors slight political positions, but that customers have to be able to mention outrageous matters.

The Tesla chief supplied no updates on whether he will undergo with a proposed $forty four billion takeover deal which he himself has known as into doubt, while taking questions in his first meeting with staffers.

A transcript of the personnel-simplest digital meeting posted at website Recode indicated Musk professed “love” for Twitter, joking that while some human beings explicit themselves with hair patterns he does so on the global messaging stage.

He certified that through pronouncing that freedom of speech does not mean an intrinsic freedom for comments to attain some distance and wide.

The Tesla leader has already made remarks on how he’d run the platform — including lifting Donald Trump’s ban.

“People ought to be allowed to mention quite outrageous things which are within the bounds of the law, however then that does not get amplified,” Musk said, according to the transcript.

“We must strike this stability of allowing human beings to say what they need to mention however additionally make humans comfortable on Twitter, or they surely might not use it.”

Musk answered a query approximately viable layoffs by means of pronouncing the corporation “wishes to get healthy” in relation to its financial situation.

“Anyone who is manifestly a giant contributor should have nothing to fear about,” Musk informed Twitter workers.

He recommended advertising and marketing and subscriptions as approaches to make money at Twitter, saying advertisements need to be exciting in addition to legitimate.

Musk talked anew about earning profits at Twitter via charging to confirm identities of those in the back of debts, then making verification a aspect in which tweets get better ranking on the platform.

Regarding Twitter’s policy of letting people work at home, Musk stated it would be an alternative only for those validated to be great at their jobs.

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