Zeeshan Khan gives violent threat to Azamah Falah.

Azma Fallah made some comments about Zeeshan Khan's parents and his acting career.

He said a cuss word to Azma during the argument before making violent threats about her.

Actor Zeeshan Khan, who is currently seen on Lock Upp, 

Made violent threats about his fellow contestant Azma Fallah following an argument.

Azma had made comments about Zeeshan's parents being ashamed of him and him not getting a lead role.

Zeeshan used a cuss word against Azma as he stormed out and later said he will tear her apart.

A new promo of Lock Upp started with Zeeshan Khan talking to Ali Mercchant 

And Anjali Arora about a fight that he had with Azma Fallah.

Anjali sympathised with him and said that Azma should feel ashamed about the things she has been saying.

Anjali then turned around and said to Azma, "Please, don't say such things to him.

Why are you saying such things about his parents?"