Yash's new video became a super-duper hit like KGF 2.

There is a tremendous craze among the people regarding KGF 2. Not only in the country but also in foreign countries, this film is earning smoky earnings.

The Kannada superstar received global applause through the first part of KGF.

Alam is that Yash is now recognized as Rocky Bhai among the people in the country and abroad.

Yash's stardom reached the peak through this film and the second part of the film has also been appreciated by the people.

Meanwhile, Yash has shared a very beautiful video on social media.

In the video, Yash has told that he was confident that his film KGF 2 would definitely do well.

This video of Yash is going viral on social media and so far it has been seen by more than 31 lakh people. Fans are constantly giving their reaction on this video.

In the video, Yash narrates a beautiful story related to Vishwas and how he finds himself attached to it.

In the video, Yash is saying, 'There was a small village which was facing drought situation for a long time.

So all the 3 people living there decided to hold a prayer meeting together.

More and more people came out of their homes for this meeting, but there was only one boy who had brought an umbrella from home.

Many people called him overconfidence but what do you know that this is faith.

I am also like the child who believed that such a day would come. This video of Yash is going viral on social media.