The bark of this tree shows effect in reducing uric acid, swollen hands and feet will also be cured.

Uric Acid Home Remedies: An increased amount of uric acid is the root of many problems.

The bark of this tree can be used to reduce it. you should also know.

Uric Acid:  Due to the increase in uric acid in the body, problems like joint pain, swelling and arthritis start to occur.

When uric acid increases, special emphasis is placed on food and it is tried that the person consumes more and more things that reduce uric acid as well as relieve swelling and pain.

Give. One such thing is the bark of Peepal tree, which if used properly in limited quantity can help in reducing uric acid from the body.

Its decoction is prepared from the bark of peepal to reduce uric acid.

To prepare this decoction, take 10 grams of peepal bark in about 250 ml of water and cook it on low flame.

You have to boil this water till it becomes half. Your decoction will be ready after cooking till it becomes half.

Drinking this decoction half-and-half twice a day provides benefits in reducing the increased uric acid levels.

Apart from peepal bark, coriander leaves can also be beneficial in reducing uric acid.

Nutrients like protein, phosphorus and vitamin-K are found in them.

You can include them in your diet or you can boil coriander leaves and drink its water on an empty stomach.

Clean betel leaves are also eaten to reduce the amount of uric acid from the body. Its consumption in the morning is beneficial.

Consumption of curry leaves is also helpful in reducing uric acid. Chewing it on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial.