Mahima Makwana is yet to sign her second project

Actor Mahima Makwana feels there is a need to talk more about the uncertainty associated with showbiz, instead of all glitz and glamour side

It has been almost six months since actor Mahima Makwana’s debut film Antim: The Final Truth released after much delays due to the pandemic.

But, she is yet to sign her next. That’s because of the uncertainty attached with the industry, which is leading to fear of going out of sight.

Right now, people have been asking me, ‘What I am upto after Antim’. And I have been auditioning and have been approached for certain things,

she says, adding, “But there is a lot of uncertainty and there’s also fear that every actor

creative person faces and that is going out of sight and going out of mind.”

Makwana calls it a tough job, sharing that she has immense respect for people who keep running the kitchen in their houses.

“But at the end of the day, you want to do it because you are passionate.

And you dreamt of seeing yourself on the big screen,” says the actor, who has worked on the small screen.

Being in the industry has made me alert, ambitious, passionate, as well as hard working. 

The one thing that has been a constant is to not let my roots go,” she signs off.