Attack movie review: John Abraham does all the heavy-lifting in this 2-hour actioner

Attack movie review: We know exactly how things will pan out, no strain on the brain. 

Everything is straight-forward, no complicated characters, no morally ambiguous situations.

Attack movie review: It is John Abraham who does all the heavy-lifting, literally heaving the bad guys across the room, and shooting exact holes into foreheads with both hands.

A crack contingent of the Indian army swoops upon a hideout across the border, and scoops up a most wanted terrorist.

That adrenaline-filled sequence, which opens ‘Attack’, a film which hews close to its name, leads to a series of attacks on Indian soil. 

And then what happens? Counter-attacks, silly. If anyone dares attack us, we will give them ‘moonh-tod jawaab’, and stomp on their graves.