A little mistake will make the pauper! If you run Google Pay and Paytm, then definitely know these 5 tips

Cases of Cyber Fraud are increasing rapidly. Your bank account may become empty due to your slightest mistake.

In the growing era of online payment, a large number of people use apps like Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePe.

However, you need to be extra careful while making payments through these apps.

In the era of online payment, the cases of cyber fraud are also increasing rapidly.

Your bank account may become empty due to your slightest mistake.

Here we are telling you 5 tips, due to which you will be safe from fraud on these apps.

1. Screen Lock:  Not only on the smartphone, keep a lock on these apps as well. Many a times your bank account can be emptied in case of loss of phone or if it falls into wrong hands.

Do not use your name, mobile number or date of birth while keeping the password.

2. Do not share PIN: Do not share your UPI PIN with anyone. This rule also applies to your friends and close ones. If you think that your PIN has been detected by other people, change it immediately.

3. Do not click on such links: Many people send you some link on WhatsApp or email and ask to click on this link by luring money.

Apart from this, some fraudsters try to cheat you by posing as bank employees and also ask you for your details. Never click on any unknown link.

4. Keep updating the app: All the app maker companies issue updates from time to time.

Through this, new features are added to the apps and security is increased. You should always update the UPI payment app to the latest version.

5. Avoid using more than one application: You should avoid having more than one payment application on your phone.

Always install only trusted and verified payment applications from PlayStore or App Store, even if needed.