How to get Legendary Free Fire emote 'Booyah Sparks'

Almost all Legendary collectibles in Garena Free Fire are highly coveted. 

Thus, players don't leave any chance to procure such items, especially if it's a top up event that offers free prizes.

Top up events in Free Fire are often considered steal deals as they grant some of the most sought-after items. 

The only condition is that users must purchase specific diamonds to claim them.

Ramadan 2022 events are live in Garena Free Fire and will bring various impressive collectibles in the coming days.

Ramadan Top Up is one of the events that has brought two fantastic Legendary items.

Garena Free Fire: Claiming free Booyah Sparks emote this week (April 2022)

Ramadan Top Up event began today, i.e., 25 April, and as mentioned earlier, it offers two Legendary items — the Booyah Sparks emote and the Emerald Slicer. 

Since the rewards are free and are unlockable after a particular top-up, here's how many diamonds players need to acquire:

Emerald Slicer - Unlocks after a top-up of 200 diamonds'Booyah Sparks' emote - Unlocks after a top-up of 500 diamonds The emote showcases the character using a sparkler to light up three lamps, followed by forming a 'Booyah' sign in the air using the same sparkler.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, the Emerald Slicer is a great melee weapon with bright green stone.

In addition to that, the Slicer also showcases impressive special effects of flames.