Dhanashree Verma: Not Dhanashree Verma, it is Yuzvendra Chahal's first love; Wife made a big disclosure

Dhanashree Verma On Yuzvendra Chahal: Yuzvendra Chahal performed very well in IPL 2022. He took 27 wickets in his name.

Now Yuzvendra Chahal's wife Dhanshree Verma has revealed what is Chahal's love.

Yuzvendra Chahal is famous for his funny nature.

He has won many matches for Team India on his own. Yuzvendra Chahal performed brilliantly in the recently concluded IPL 2022.

He won the Purple Cap in IPL 2022. Now Yuzvendra Chahal's wife Dhanashree Verma has made a big disclosure.

In a podcast organized by Rajasthan Royals, when Dhanashree Verma was asked about Yuzvendra Chahal's 'beautiful smile', he said that UG (Yuzvendra Chahal) is a very happy person.

He is very honest and he loves cricket. His first love is cricket

so being in this environment around his fellow teammates is the reason for him to always smile and have a beautiful smile.

Dhanashree Verma herself also opened up about dealing with stress as she believed that she feels a lot more stressed than any other spectator while watching IPL, ODIs or any other sport.

He further said that by now everyone knows that I am more expressive.

When people come to watch any sport like IPL, Test or ODI, they get stressed because they support a team.

You obviously want your team to perform well.

This is our life now and we have to protect it in such a way that it is not as stressful as it seems.

Dhanashree told during podcast that cricket is Yuzvendra Chahal's first love

Yuzvendra Chahal is famous for his magical bowling. In IPL 2022

He took 27 wickets in 17 matches while playing for Rajasthan Royals.

Chahal also became the highest wicket-taker spinner in an IPL season.

It is not easy for anyone to play Chahal's balls. He takes wickets very quickly on his slow balls.