5 Free Fire tips to get into zones safely during rank push

Surviving any Free Fire match is essential to obtaining Booyahs and also pushing rank. 

But it’s easier said than done, and players can often find themselves in a pickle by being at risk of getting trapped outside the safe zones.

Keeping a keen lookout for the shrinking safe zone is important in Free Fire.


Making it within the radius of the safe zone without being left out or getting killed is something that can help a player push rank.



That being said, there are certain minor tricks that players can use to do just that.


Follow these easy tips while playing Free Fire to get into zones safely during rank push


Aside from vehicles, knowing the location of the Launch Pads in Free Fire can come in handy too.

They offer swift mobility and help during last-ditch efforts to make it inside the safe zone.


4) Be aware of the shrinking time of the safe zone

The simplest thing players can keep in mind while trying to make it to the safe zone is to keep an eye on the timer. 

It is located on the player's HUD and provides an indication of the amount of time left before the zone shrinks.

This vital information can be used to time movement across the terrain and stay safe.

Depending on the distance from the safe zone, moving even a few seconds before the zone shrinks may not lead to any problems.

3) Mark the safe zone on the map

One of the most seldom used features in Free Fire is the mark option. This allows players to mark their geoposition on the minimap and even set markers for places they need to go to.

In the heat of battle, it isn’t too uncommon for players to lose their sense of direction.

When this happens, they often stray further away from the same zone. To stop this from happening, players can simply mark the safe zone on their minimap, and they'll be provided with a waypoint to follow.

2) Avoid engaging opponents outside the safe zone

A common mistake that players end up making is attacking opponents who are outside the safe zone. 

It may appear tempting at first to do so and spike up their K/D ratio, but in rank push situations, it’s not wise.

Albeit a bit boring, staying within the confines or close to the safe zone can be beneficial for players in the long run.