5 Free Fire characters to avoid in ranked mode in April 2022

Characters in Free Fire behave like an extension of players in the game. Using their unique abilities, gamers can dominate the match

improve their K/D ratio. However, not all characters are good in given circumstances.

While it can be argued that characters are only as good as players controlling them, this is far from the truth. 

In reality, some characters are weaker than others and should be avoided in ranked mode.

In reality, some characters are weaker than others and should be avoided in ranked mode.

Avoid using these Free Fire characters in ranked matches

Wukong is a fun character to play around with. His ability, Camouflage, allows the character to turn into a bush 

5) Wukong

keep a low profile in combat. However, in terms of practical usage, they are few and far between.

Although the character's low profile helps keep him hidden, the speed reduction makes movement slower. If an enemy were to spot a moving bush, shooting and securing a kill would be too easy.

When it comes to the utility of a certain ability in Free Fire, Ford is at the back of the line in most instances. His perk allows players to take reduced damage when outside of the safe zone.

However, the question here is why would players want to position themselves outside the safe zone? Even with a damage reduction, no one wants to take the risk of being trapped outside, especially in a ranked match.

Some players may get upset after seeing Kla on this list, but facts cannot be denied. While the character is super powerful in a fistfight, he has no advantage when guns are brought into the picture.

3) Kla

Opponents are likely to shoot him down before he even comes into fist range. Having 100% damage can only do so much for the character. The proverb "don't bring a fist to a gunfight" holds true in this scenario.

Misha's ability in Free Fire is called Afterburner. As the name suggests, her ability is targeted towards improving the performance of vehicles. When driving, the speed is increased by 5%, and damage taken is decreased by 5%.

2) Misha

While this ability is valuable, its utility in ranked matches is relatively low. Given that players will not drive throughout the match, it cannot be put to practical use in most combat situations.

In ranked matches in the Battle Royale mode, Antonio falls short of being useful in combat. This is due to his ability, Gangster Spirit, which gives him extra HP at the start of each match.

1) Antonio

Sadly, the bonus HP will not return once the damage has been sustained. This essentially makes him a character that has no ability in BR mode. However, Antonio is the best character in Free Fire for Clash Squad matches.