3 best Free Fire loadouts to use with Hayato

Thanks to his ability called Bushido, Hayato is one of the most dangerous characters in Free Fire when injured.

It allows him to deal 7.5% armor-penetrating damage for every 10% reduction in total health points.

This allows him to bypass enemy armor and deal direct damage to their HP. When paired with certain weapons, this ability is amplified and can be used to make quick work of a squad.

Weapons that go perfectly with Hayato in Free Fire

1) Woodpecker

Woodpecker is already a solid gun in Free Fire. Compared to other weapons in its class, it outperforms them in most scenarios.

One of its key features is the high armor-penetration value, which stands at 77.

This value can be further increased by using Hayato. Depending on how low his HP is, the armor penetration can exceed 90 easily. 

This makes the gun perfect for headshots and stopping opponents during rushes.

2) M14

The M14 is a powerful AR in Free Fire that's good for long-range combat. 

While the weapon does feature a small magazine of only 15 bullets, the damage more than compensates for it.

Although this is an AR, it is mostly used as a hybrid sniper. Its powerful shot will highly benefit from the Bushido ability and deal enormous damage to the intended target.

3) AWM

AWM is not the best sniper in-game, but it is the most user-friendly one in the loot pool.

It's easy to use, and even a novice will find success with the weapon. While it doesn't require Hayato to perform better in combat, having him is a bonus.

Given the high damage output, range, and accuracy, adding armor-penetrating bonuses to the weapon will provide players an edge.

It'll be useful for those who want to secure a headshot kill.

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