Priyanka Chopra shakes after overeating to make space for food as she spends Sunday with friends, enjoys Korean barbecue | Watch

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra : Actor Priyanka Chopra gave her fans a glimpse of how she spent her Sunday. Taking to Instagram on Monday, Priyanka shared several pictures as she stepped out of her Los Angeles home with her cousin Divya Jyoti and friends Akari Kalai, Helena Cassilly, and Paris Carney.

They were also accompanied by Priyanka’s pet dogs–Diana, Diana, and Gino. (Also Read | Priyanka Chopra treats her fans to sunkissed selfie as she steps out of her Los Angeles home, grooves in car. Watch)

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra shakes after overeating to make space for food.

In the first photo, Priyanka is seen posing with Divya and Akari on the street. For her day out, Priyanka opted for a pastel pink sweatshirt with matching shorts, sneakers, and a white cap.

Priyanka Chopra

She tied her hair into braids on each side, wore earrings, and also carried a bag. Divya also wore a similar outfit while Akari opted for an all-black outfit.

The second photo shows Priyanka posing with her pet dogs. The actor was also seen buying stuff from a store in one of the photos. A selfie, clicked by Paris, showed her, Akari, and Helena sitting at a table inside a restaurant.

Priyanka captioned the post, “Soul Sunday with the girls. And pups (smiling face with three hearts, dog face, checkmark, red heart, and sun emojis).”

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Priyanka shared clips as she was seen shaking her body while being seated at a table. As Priyanka closed her eyes and kept shaking, Helena asked Paris if she could explain what was happening.

Akari, who was recording the video, smirked while Priyanka laughed and replied that she was making space for food.

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